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Liz Fields

Liz Fields

A Note from Executive Director Liz Fields

I cannot believe that it’s been 5 years since I started at the camp and now more than ever I am excited about what the future has to offer. This is a “gem” located in our own backyard. With the support of over 58 Rotary Clubs throughout the State of Florida, this camp is like no other, in that it provides an accessible facility for all children and adults with varying disabilities to experience camp. Being ADA-compliant and barrier-free means that there is no limitation to the user groups that can use this beautiful facility.

We are planning some exciting new facility projects and have completed some others.  We are still working on the addition of an environmental center and a new culinary center, but it has been halted by some “red tape” and we hope that we can work through the process and continue with the plans in 2020.  Our Nature Trail was completed by Leadership Brandon. The trail is completely accessible with sight guided ropes, it provides quiet seating areas and storytelling spaces. It has been a great addition to the camp and very popular with the kids.  The cabins have been remodeled to ensure 100% accessibility.  Cabin colors have been changed for a new look to the camp and to remove the yellow colors that affect so many of our campers.

We are working with some Rotary Clubs and other service clubs to sponsor camps and in April 2019 we hosted our first camp for children on the autism spectrum, tit was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Pinellas Park. We are also working on camps for children with visual impairments and a deaf and hard of hearing camp.  Our partnership with the Lions Club and other service clubs in Plant City will allow children with visual disabilities to attend camp for the first time.

One of our most exciting future projects will be the addition of a skills training and job readiness program – Next STEPS.  This will not begin until we can acquire the space for the program so WATCH THIS SPACE for more updates.   The camp is currently working on partnerships with The Diversity Initiative, Pepin Academies and Vocational Rehabilitation to provide job readiness and training for people with disabilities.


The mission of Rotary’s Camp Florida is to provide special needs user groups with clean, safe, barrier-free camping facilities.


Our vision is that we can provide the opportunity for all special needs people to experience the fun and enjoyment of camping.


We do not provide actual camp programs but we are committed to working with your group to ensure that you have the space, freedom and facilities available to provide your participants with the camping experience of their lives.


We encourage volunteerism and welcome groups from schools; colleges; universities; companies; Rotary Clubs and individuals to come and work with us on making the camp clean, tidy and workable for all of our user groups.


Rotary’s Camp Florida (RCF) was founded to acquire, operate and maintain a year-round ADA-compliant camp facility for children with special medical needs.  Learn more

Rotary's Camp Florida, and ADA-compliant camp for children with special needsSTRUCTURE

The campgrounds and facilities are owned by Rotary’s Camp Florida, Inc., a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit corporation. The corporation operates under the supervision of a Board of Directors with members coming from the various Rotary Clubs and Districts.


We are happy to arrange for a speaker to visit your organization, Rotary club or business to talk about the camp. Call 813-654-4042 or email us.


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