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Reference From Faces of Courage

Since 1999 I have hosted camps at Rotary’s Camp Florida for adults and children diagnosed with any type of cancer and blood disorders. This facility has many perks for special needs populations:

  • It is close to shopping Publix, 24-hour Walmart, Kmart, Sam’s and Restaurant Depot
  • We have rapid response from EMTs
  • Major hospitals are close by
  • It is centrally located, which allows campers to find it with little difficulty
  • The facility is barrier-free and has great mobility for those in wheelchairs
  • The new playgrounds were designed for special-needs children
  • The kitchen is centrally located
  • The oak trees keep the camps cool even during the middle of summer
  • The pool is large and well kept
  • Canoes, kayaks and paddle boats are conveniently stored close to waterfront
  • The staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable

During the last 17 years we have hosted thousands of children and adults at Rotary’s Camp Florida, creating life-long friendships and memories. Thank you, Rotarians, for all you do to support this amazing facility.

Peggie D. Sherry, Faces of Courage Founder/CEO/Survivor

Peggie D. Sherry
Faces of Courage Founder/CEO/Survivor
Our motto: Cancer is Serious, Camp is Serious FUN!!!
Faces of Courage provides “free” life-enriching experiences for children and families touched by all cancers and blood disorders.

Testimonial for Diabetes Family Camp Florida 2015 at Rotary's Camp Florida

Reference From Diabetes Camp:

“Every year, the Florida Diabetes Camp holds two different summer camps and two additional weekend programs at Rotary’s Camp Florida. We couldn’t be happier with the inviting atmosphere and excellent amenities offered.

Every time we come to RCF it’s like Christmas, as we never know what new facilities and offerings will be available for our use. For the past 20 years, Rotary’s Camp Florida has been our home away from home, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come!”

Gary Cornwell, Executive Director
Florida Diabetes Camp


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