Diversity and Disability Awareness
and Sensitivity Training

disability awareness training

Program Mission:

Provide Diversity and Disability Awareness and Sensitivity Training to the community, government entities, corporations, non-profits, and service organizations throughout the State of Florida.

At the Core:

Interactions with people with disabilities happen all day and every day, it is how they are handled that makes the difference.  By offering Diversity and Disability Awareness and Sensitivity Training, everyone will know the dos and don’ts.  How to work with, hire, engage and communicate with people with disabilities will make life easier for all concerned.   This simple presentation will remove some of the stigmas, preconceived ideas, and awkwardness attached to interacting with a person with a disability.  Ultimately, it offers an opportunity for inclusion and healthier and happier communities.  It also reduces the risk of being sued for not abiding by the ADA.  For employers, it opens up the workforce and the communities view of your business.  After all, who doesn’t love PUBLIX, one of the largest employers of people with disabilities? 

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Hi Friends! Just a reminder that we are a place for groups to hold camp. We are not a camp for individuals to register. Thank you! Happy Summer!

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